Unleash Hell’s Wrath with Yama Raja by CO Cuddles 

Howdy Elpeeps,

Hope everyone had a great Lunar New Year! The beautiful Yama Raja, Ara’s new 2nd Job Class, arrives and I am sure many of you have been waiting for what seemed like ages. She’s definitely an eye pleasure but more importantly she’s an extremely fun and versatile class to play as! So let’s hop into this week’s update regarding the Ruler of Hell.

The Story

Ara is constantly in battle against the demon forces and she believes this is the only way she’s ever going to eventually run into her long lost brother Aren, who is still under the influence of demon power and now goes by the name of Ran. Adel of Altera is aware of Ara’s weariness and gives her new hope by training her to refine her demonic powers. Shortly after she earns the title of Yama Raja or ruler of the underworld.

Master of the Rakshasa Arts

Compared to Little Devil Yama Raja holds more versatility and power when she fires her spirit orbs. At the same time she is able to absorb and steal the souls of her enemies. But one of Yama Raja’s most powerful and flashy combos is the Rakshasa Arts which unlocks a secret move known as Purgatory. Like with Little Devil this is a series of special actives, only this time it’s not activated with a combo.

My suggestion is just to set the first special active on one skill slot and hit it four times. In this respective order the skills activated are Soul Reaping, Energy Burst, Spear Prison and Soul Escape. After Purgatory is activated. Although “expensive” in terms of using energy you do regain it by performing the move on enemies.

Besides Purgatory I have to say my favorite move would be Energy Void. Materialize a giant spirit orb sucking your opponents in, the longer you hold it the greater the damage… but it will cost you energy. ;-)


New Foxy Pet – Meet Shiho and Naho

New versions of the 9 Tail Fox Pet will be here! Each of these pets deal up to 200% of your average physical and magical power with foxy nail attack. Fox fireballs heat sink on enemies dealing 550% of your average physical and magical power with a chance to burn with Shiho and aging with Naho. Oh yes and they are cute! <3

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~Cuddles :-DDD

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Elrios’ Biggest Hell Raiser Arrives by CO Cuddles

Howdy Elpeeps,

Wewt! Today, January 27th, marks the 1,000th Day that Elsword has been open to North America and we just have to take a moment to say thank you for supporting us! We really appreciate it! Don’t forget to log in today to receive a 1,000th Day Ticket. Hang on to it and you can a winner of 1,000 K-Ching plus other cool prizes! Don’t miss out!

Now onto even moar major news!!

An Elpeep class favorite of Ara is finally here! Ara chooses the path to fight evil with evil so let’s get right down to the details of our newest little heck raiser, Little Devil!

The Story

Ara is still in the search of her brother Aren and destroying the demonic force within him. Luichel the accessory merchant of Elder village senses Ara’s desperation to achieve this goal. She gives Ara a book of dark magic to utilize the evil powers from within, but she will have to sacrifice the noble abilities she inherited from her clan.

Now Ara embarks on a dangerous path of harnessing the powers of demons in order to find her brother Aren.

Master of the Wolf Arts

Play style is really switched up with Little Devil. Instead of utilizing your spear you will be firing energy spirit orbs. Quite a few of Little Devil’s Special Attacks require management of Spirit Energy which makes her mix of combos and Special Attacks a new challenge.

Unique to Little Devil is the Wolf Arts. If you have dabbled with Little Hsien’s Dragon Arts then learning the Wolf Arts should be a piece of cake. The Wolf Arts is performed with a basic hooked combo and a sequence of special attack moves activated with Wind Wedge, Wolf Claw and Wolf Fang which releases the Killing Howl Move. ::insert Wolf Howl here::  ;-)

No need to overload your skill slots with all of the attacks! (Of course if you want to use them separately I won’t stop you hee hee~) Just place Wind Wedge in your desired slot and tap 3 times after the »zz or zzz hook combo is completed.

My favorite move would have to be Infernal Circle. It’s teh pewp! Fun to spam and very flashy. Makes great trailer footage!

New Patissier Costumes

Have a sweet tooth and into confectioneries! You’re in luck, we have these super cute costumes now available in the ItemMall!

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~Cuddles :-DDD



Soon: 9 Tails Learns Devious Ways by GM Amelia

Hi, Elpeeps! Hope you had a good MLK Day! It’s countdown time once more, because we are just about one week away from the arrival of Ara Haan’s 1st Job in a new class path. Let me give you a little introduction to what will become of our young, svelte warrior.

In the new class path, Ara chooses the ominous way, perhaps lit only by the fires of hell. However, instead of turning completely evil, she uses the demonic powers to defeat the demons themselves. Talk about giving the vile creatures a taste of their own medicine… amirite?!

A New Secret Skill to Learn

Just like Little Hsien and Sakra Devanam, the upcoming class path will have the capability to learn an amazing secret skill. Keep an eye out for the skills of the Wolf Fang Arts—the base character Ara can already get the one called Wind Wedge. When the time comes, learn them all to unlock the special move!

Heretic Phoru’s Challenge

Join the pre-launch events tomorrow! Find the Heretic Phoru and defeat him to earn useful items, whether you’re playing as Ara or another member of the Elgang. Find out how you can get free special consumables, an EXP Boost Medal, El Tree Seeds, and high-grade magic stones!

A New Eastern-Inspired Costume for Ara

The sweet, petite Ara looks smashing in the Oriental costumes. They go on sale tomorrow!

That’s it from me. Enjoy Elsword this week!

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guess who’s coming sooonn!~

(changed the date on my computer to the 30th first, then 23rd, stlil got LD shadow)

eeeee i am excited i can finally do something in NA ; v ;


Here’s to a Good Start! by GM Amelia

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We’re exactly one week into the year 2014. Have you stuck to your new year’s resolutions so far? Dropped them all together? Still figuring them out? Don’t believe in making them at all? Do I sound like my resolution is to ask more questions? XD

You can still start the year right in Elsword Online by catching up on the First Mission for 2014 event, and earn rewards including a pony head accessory to mark the Year of the Horse, a Lv. 7 amulet, tons of El shards, and more! And in case you missed the news, Unlimited Stamina Weekends are still on!

For those whose resolution is to amplify the foxiness, how about a nine-tailed pet? The 9 Tail Fox known as Miho can be your new adventure buddy. Get this cutie from the Item Mall! You can even grab new fox ears to match. Go check it out, okay?



What Does the 9-Tailed Fox Say? by GM Amelia

Not like with the ordinary fox, you’ll find out for yourself the answer to this puzzler real soon, as well as what the magical being looks like or does in battle. We are just a few days away from the arrival of a new character in Elsword Online. The countdown begins!

The force of one nine-tailed fox named Eun manifests through a young lady who, at a time of danger, found the hairpin where the spirit resides. The 17-year-old girl may look innocent, but wait ‘til you see her skill with the spear! Her abilities are balanced between ranged and close-quarter combat, while the spirit of Eun shows when she’s in awakening. Swiftness and the ability to use spirit energy are her gifts.

Are you excited as we are?! Check out the Elsword website to learn more about her and join the countdown by participating in pre-launch events after midnight!

9 Tails and 9 Days Left

Show your support for 9 Tails by joining our Facebook Likes event. Reach the Likes goal by 12/18 and all who joined will receive a one-day 50% EXP Boost Medal! That would help you so much when you start playing the new character… ;) Enter here!

Tails Aplenty Starting Midnight

In anticipation of 9 Tails, you will be able to purchase these 3 tails bundled for just 1000 K-Ching!

Also, in one of the quests, Ariel will reward you with a nine-tail accessory if you bring her what she asks. See Eve looking all glamorous with it. You like?

Wintry Pets and Hats

After midnight, the Christmas Party Santa Hat accessory becomes available by itself in the Item Mall, and so will the new Christmas Knit Beanie. But right now, you can already grab the exclusive bundle of 2 fully evolved pets, Snowman and Arctic Hunter Peng! Aren’t they adorable?! Get them!

Enjoy Elsword this week! Later, Elpeeps!

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Welcome Sander by CO Cuddles

Howdy Elpeeps,

I am here to announce and give you the 411 on our latest patch for the arrival of the desert town of  Sander. Gasp oh the grind. Let’s get to the pewp!

New foes are here to test your skills in dungeons! Some are huge behemoths and some are smexii succubuses (or succubi? What’s the plural…)! The ladies from Sander are pretty hot!! ::sizzle:: Richian’s older sister Rosean is not bad to look at…

And since I know so many of you like to accessorize and pretty up your characters you can expect some cool accessories and very desert inspired armor to drop from dungeons. Don’t forget to earn your wingz. This smexi bottom piece accessories come from performing quests!!

Check out my Desert Road Warrior inspired Eve. Hee hee~~

You can find new adventures and always a bonus for players 2 new dungeons with some mega tough bosses and 2 new fields! 

Why there are giant purple walruses in the middle of the desert we have no idea… LOL!

Alright Elpeeps. Now make sure to Reblog this post! We will pick 5 random winners to receive 500 K-Ching if we reach 300 Reblogs by 11/24 PST! Make sure to leave you in-game character name in your reblog!!

~Cuddles :-DDD

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